Tourist SIM card

GiffGaff is a UK mobile network that uses the high quality O2 network spreading across the UK, SIM cards are free, and once you activate your tourist SIM you are awarded with £5 credit as a thank you!. The next stage is to choose if you want a great value GiffGaff goodybag or simply tourist PAYG at cheap prices per minute or SMS, data is great thanks to the modern O2 network.

Support is via other customers in the community, no need to wait in phone queues as with other networks, GiffGaff has a simple portal with a community where within minutes of you posting a question you will be flooded with answers from other giffgaffers who have been enjoying the network for years.

Get all your mates to join via and you can all talk for free as much as you like, great network coverage ensures you are always connected GiffGaff 4G is as good as it gets! Order your tourist nano SIM here today.

Once you join you are able to switch goodybags or change to PAYG as you like, you can also port in your main number, or port that number out to any other provider there is no tie in, this is the truly contract free network that you will love, order your SIM today and enjoy GiffGaff Goodybags soon!.

Please enter address to send your free tourist SIM card and it will be with you within 2 business days, easy!.

Be rewarded with £5 free on activation, no contracts with giffgaff so what are you waiting for? order your free SIM now.

How GiffGaff Goodybags and GiffGaff PAYG work

Your SIM can be used to buy credit which you can use as you like and rolls over month to month with no hidden costs. The same SIM card can also have giffgaff goodybags purchased which typically last for one month and offer you minutes, SMS and data in various amounts according to the goodybag you purchase. You can buy bigger and smaller goodybags each month to suit your needs or auto-renew to keep it simple.

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(All information sent via SSL when you order your giffgaff SIM card, remember to activate your giffgaff sim card when it arrives, instructions are included)

Order a GiffGaff sim card

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giffgaff offers you

All new free giffgaff SIM cards receive a free £5 once you activate your SIM which will appear on your giffgaff account upon activation.

"I joined as you get the best network with packages to suit you changeable month on month based on how YOU want to manage your account. IT'S SIMPLY BRILLIANT" shawndenton, giffgaffed since 02/09/2019

"Only just joined GiffGaff but it was a seamless and very simple thing to do. It seems to be the cheapest and most generous network that exists! A lesson to the other networks possibly?, I love GiffGaff goodybags" paulcoops, giffgaffed since 14/08/2011

Excellent 9.8 out of 10

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4g SIM only

Speed up with 4G

Experience faster downloads and less buffering with 4G as standard. We use O2's network that gives you great coverage.

Contract Free

No contracts

Our flexible goodybags last one month. You're free to stick to your favourite, change each month or cancel anytime.


Great pay as you go rates

Prefer to pay as you go? Our rates are just 15p/ minute, 5p/ text and 5p/ MB without a goodybag.